By , July 6, 2009 8:01 am
  1. To effort for women and child development work, educational and training to Violence victim women for employment.

  2. To implement the schools ,and education manage programmes for girls-boys and youths.
  3. To organize the training camps, and implement the Agriculture, Ground water development, environment development, community forest and west land development programmes.

  4. To implement the programme against Social Evils Eradication, Dowry system,  Early marriage, Drug addiction.  To teach the Hindi to Non Hindi spokesperson and spread awareness on National Language Hind.

  5. To improve the social and economic status of rural Weaver, women and rural community.  In addition, to effort and awareness for cooperative society’s formation.

  6. To implement and awareness for land improvement work, family planning, medicine and health project and any national programmes.  To formation the women groups, youth groups, and implementation and awareness for Adult and non-formal education, Public-art, cultural, Balbadi and Angan Badi programmes.

  7. The Society will be Non-political, Non-Government, Non- religious, No profit, no -loss organization.  The organization is determined to implement all the programmes, according under public need and legally.

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