Best Practices

By , August 19, 2009 2:31 am
  1. SAVS has implemented the S.H.Gs with the self efforts. In these programmes there are made the group of 15-20 women. They are joined with the Banks for the credit. Every woman’s saving account is opened. They have to deposit in it Rs 20 per month. It grows their saving habit as well as they can make use of it whenever the urgent situation is.The women are provided loans as well, if they want to set up the small domestic industry like carpet making, sarees crafting, embroidery, stitching clothes etc.
  2. Samajik Arthik Vikas Samiti has implemented plantation project supported by ministry of environment & forest in two Villages of Lalsot block with Village level organization. He people have got employment, cause of this. Due to plantation in this area many a unleveled and futile land is bring into use. The land destruction is got lesser. In about 40 hac. land the plantation is get done. The villagers of near by area will get forest product by these plants. It will help us to fight with the new emerging problem of global warming. In this area the average of rainfall will be increased. As a result of this the ground water level will increase and people of area will be getting good crops in their own position. They will not have to force to leave their houses; will not have to set off to cities in search of employment. Thus we are having broad vision for the better future of this area, as well as our sight is wide-ranging. Many species of plants have been planted e.g. Amla, Babul, Neem, Khejdi, Ardu, Bushy plants etc.
  3. A Survey had been made by SAVS. During the survey we saw many children working on hotels for making tea, supplying food, polishing shoes, washing or ironing clothes. We identified them as child labourer. Thereafter 150 child labour selected. They belong to the age of 9-14. Three special schools setup for them. They were given Primary Education, Health check-up done monthly and vocational education given. Every day, for staying healthy, nutrition was supplied to them. Per day the unlike food served to them. After getting their account open, every month Rs 100 were deposited in the CANARA Bank as stipend for betterment of their future. Now about 50 students are get enrolled in different classes for higher education.
  4. Community Federation & Capacity Building: The following activities are done under the “Gaduliya Lohar and Kalander nomadic community development project” by the Samajik Arthik Vikas Samiti in the co-operation of Ananda foundation.Organize of the meetings done by SAVS to come together the Nomadic community’s people, in which the formation of the Gaduliyan Lohar Vikas Samiti and the Kalander Vikas Samiti has been made. There are total 50 members in the Gaduliyan Lohar Vikas Samiti and Kalandar Vikas Samiti out of them 33 are women and 17 are men. These samities are the only of its kind in all Rajasthan. With the help of these samities they are able to unite and we hope they will fulfill are their demands.

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